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Historic Boiling Springs Farmhouse

The owners of this “tenant farmhouse” (with both clapboard and stone sections) dating from the 1700’s and 1800’s had wanted to build a connecting addition between the detached saltbox garage and the stone section of the main house for several years.

bella concepts historic farm house

The owner drew up rough plans and, after working with several other contractors, chose Bella Concepts for the project, and excavation work began in December 2015. (The owners stated that design and structural suggestions, construction cost projections and the skills that would be brought to the project were the reasons for the selection of Bella Concepts. Thank you, owners!!)

The addition was to contain a sizable foyer and hallway with cathedral ceilings, a full bath, laundry room, a large 24’ X 18’ sunroom with a wall of windows closely matching those of the existing section of the home that dated from the 1800’s, and a sizeable patio. A separate heating and air conditioning system was also going to be needed.

The challenges with this project have and continue to be many. The garage was not perpendicularly aligned with the house which gave need to framing and interior wall adjustments. The garage floor was over 2 feet higher than that of the house requiring 10-foot ceilings to accommodate doorways and height requirements for stairs. Perhaps the biggest challenge was calculating, determining and constructing rafters for the foyer’s cathedral ceiling which were to adjoin angled walls.

Of course, Mother Nature did not help the project: heavy rains in December and January hampered footing and foundation work; colder temperatures made the timing and pouring of the base floor and patio very important, and the recent blizzard hampered roof and other exterior work. All in all, despite these challenges, work is completed at this historic property!

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